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There is a grand historical tradition of the acceptance and assimilation of varied ethnic groups and nationalities in these islands. Our life and culture are so much the richer for it. It is also true that the United Kingdom has recently witnessed one of the most significant European population shifts since WWII.

This is, however, nothing new. Throughout the centuries there have been successive waves of immigration. The process of adjustment has not however always been easy or straightforward. Even the most casual historian may perceive a seemingly distinct process. Such a process may be seen to embrace a number of successive reactions from the indigenous population.

There may be both suspicion of and fascination with the unfamiliar. There could be severe hostility and rejection…possibly leading even to ostracism and isolation of the new communities. This might take place because the groups are seen as an economic threat to the indigenous population’s livelihoods. Yet in the end the arriving community asserts itself is accepted, embraced and valued right down to; art, culture, diet, dress, language, manners and music. We have seen this happen time and time again. This is one of those things that make this country great.

The aim of the Cultural Education aspect of Witkacy 2009 is to use the educational system to ensure that in this instance this process neither, takes so long or is as difficult and troubled as it might otherwise be.

We are therefore pleased to offer three specifically tailored workshops, specifically aimed at student in key-stages 3-5. For more information on these workshops please use the "Workshops" link on the left.

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