The Artistic Director
Some Comments

He is one of the only English people I have met to display such a clear understanding of the work of Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz. He is one of the twenty or so people throughout the whole world who have a profound understanding of the work and life of Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz. He is one of the few people in the English-speaking world who is capable of formulating a deep, accurate and enduring representation of Witkiewicz.

Professor Lech Sokol
Warsaw Theatre Academy

Mr. Hayes has an excellent grasp of Polish literature and I cannot understate the importance of Mr Hayes’ role in helping to promote Polish culture in the English –speaking world. He is one of the very few people who have made their way so deeply into Polish culture and literature…his knowledge of Polish theatrical literature is exceptional.

Jerzy Skolimowski
Award Winning Film Writer and Director

His knowledge of Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz is unparalleled by any other English person. Mr. Hayes has made a major contribution to a number of very important conferences on Witkiewicz by presenting fresh new insights into this profoundly important figure. Mr. Hayes is extremely capable of making a deeply significant contribution to the 'Arts.
Dr. Bohdan Michalski
Specialist in Polish Philosophy
Professor at the University of California and Berkeley

Mr. Hayes is a person of extraordinary ability. He was the first Englishman to direct at Poland’s most prestigious theatre, the Stary Theatre. No other foreign person has made such a significant and diverse contribution to the theatrical life of Poland. Mr. Hayes is the only non-Pole to obtain full professional status as a Polish theatre director through the Polish Theatrical Artists’ Association (Z.A.S.P.).
Professor Janusz Degler
Centre of Cultural Theory and Performing Art
The University of Wroclaw, Poland

By training and experience Kevin Hayes is exceptionally qualified to direct Polish Drama abroad in the English speaking world. He has directed at several of the outstanding theatres in Poland and worked with leading Polish directors. He can make an important contribution by presenting Polish culture effectively to English speaking audiences.
Professor Daniel Gerould
Lucille Lortel Distinguised Professor of Theatre and Comparative Literature
The Graduate School and University Centre
The City University of New York

Mr. Hayes’ acting work in Polish T.V. was highly appreciated both by professionals in television and also by the viewing public overall. He brought the full magic of his creativity to bear on his television appearances. I truly value Mr. Hayes as an artist of original and genuine merit and as a person who has devoted much of his life trying to bring happiness, light and hope into the hearts and minds of our nation.
Maciej Orlos
 Poland’s Leading TV Presenter

Mr. Hayes has extraordinary ability in the realm of the Theatrical Arts. He has shown ceaseless commitment to this. He has been responsible for a series of profoundly interesting and enjoyable workshops combining has incredible knowledge of Polish theatre with his talents as a director and acting tutor. I know of no-one in the United Kingdom who has such a profound understanding of Polish theatre, both as a specialist and a practitioner.

Carol Nicholls
Drama Course Leader