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Dear Dr. Steven Barfield & Colleagues!

I should like to thank you and your colleagues for hosting the Art Exhibtion of the work from Quintin Kynaston School.

I'm afraid to say that our contact from the Q.K. made it known to Slywia Krason our Press Officer that she wished to have the work returned to the 'school for their own exhibtion purposes.

Given that the Exhibtion was due to come to an end today and has not been up for some time and Miss Krason has to return to other work we will take back and document all work make our formal presentation at the School.

I'm afraid with all the renovation work going on around the foyer and the concerns about the work being damaged and therefore not on display it's rather a shame because the work should really be on display.

Therefore perhaps when the work has been returned to the school which it will do shortly.We can undertake a photo-shoot on their premises.

I'm grateful to Sarah Carthew, the Press Office, Martin Herrema and yourself for endeavouring to arrange a photo shoot but our contact at the 'School felt that it was at too short notice in any event.

Can we all please continue to communicate about this matter and if Martin and the Press Office can contact me by e-mail and we can collaborate with his press contacts and bring them together with our Polish side Press Contacts and have a 'Bumper Event' that the whole School and Staff may enjoy!

On a final note it does seem rather odd that I am advised of a photo opportunity only when I have finalised the arrangement for the collection of the work.

It also seems unfortunate that we have indeed seen so little of the Press Office or Martin Herrema during both during the year of preparation for the Festival and the week of the Festival itself. Though I am grateful for the Press Releases that have gone out!

There have been some splendid publicity opportunities for the University. We have many photographs and lots of stories.     

Thank You all Once Again

Kevin Anthony Hayes
Witkacy 2009

P.S. It's been a great experience!