A number of Witkacy 2009 workshops have already taken place this year.

The first of these took place in April at the 'Riverside Studios’ in Hammersmith, London.

This was a Workshop A and was aimed at Performing Arts practitioners and students.

The second of these took place at Fitzwimarc School in Essex. Here the version of the workshop presented was aimed at KS3 students. This was therefore a Workshop C.

It even made the local news .

They all:
1.Received a presentation on Polish culture
2.Produced a pastel portrait in the style of Witkacy
3.Took part in and acted out a rehearsed reading
4.Received a good quality, colourful and frame-able certificate

The interesting thing about these workshops is that they may easily be divided into different subject areas which are available in two hour blocks, covering different curricular areas which the Artistic Director, with his vast range of teaching ability and knowledge of Polish culture, is perfectly capable of covering.

Arranging these classes will be as easy as ordering a Pizza. Think of a one hour base and two different two hour toppings.

These workshops are offered on the following basis: 1:30, 2:60 or 3:90.
The Artistic Director has a number of specially trained assistants with Police clearance to assist.
Therefore all workshops will be tailored to an establishment’s needs and requirements and could last a whole day or a number of days.